Building Maintenance Software

Building Maintenance Software

Use building maintenance software to your advantage to create a connection with all your occupants and make problem management easier. FixForm offers advanced building maintenance and management software to collect all problems occupants encounter with your building, giving your problem management team a clear overview of all that needs to be done. Our building maintenance software is free to download, so you can start with FixForm in no time!

Free building maintenance software for your occupants

Often, the main problem with fixing problems with your buildings is not the repairing itself, but rather becoming aware of the problems with your buildings and the facilities. To lower the barriers for your occupants to report problems, FixForm offers a platform for them to report problems and for your team to solve them. But our building maintenance checklist software offers more:

* FixForm is not just building maintenance tracking software for your occupants, with the app your team also gains access to the building maintenance scheduling software. This means you get real-time insight in the problems with your properties, allowing your team to manage all problems with a clear overview;

* The reporters of problems do not need to download the app, but can simply scan the QR code to report any problem. This way, you ensure time-efficient problem reporting to for all your occupants;

* Quickly provide feedback to the reporter with the messaging function, to update them on the status of the problem.

FixForm is free building maintenance software for all your occupants, so you lower all barriers they may experience when they need to report problems. This way, you ensure the best experience for all your occupants and help your team with keeping your buildings in prime condition!

FixForm: the best property management App

Are you looking for a rental property management app to connect with your occupants? Whether you offer rental living space, workplaces, or even flex workplaces, FixForm links the people within your buildings with your problem management team. This all, through a convenient platform that allows for real-time problem management and messaging problem

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