Keep buildings and spaces ingood, safe and clean condition

FixForm allows you to easily report, manage and fix every problem within your building or space.

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Engage everybody to report problems

People are often frustrated about the condition of your infrastructure but they don't know how to report the problem. With FixForm, you'll be able to let everybody collaborate to keep your building in good, safe and clean condition.

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Welcome screen messenger flow - report a problemMessenger flow report a problem taking a picture

How it works

Report every problem with just the snap of a picture.

Scan the QR code

Scan the QR code

Scan the QR code to easily report any problem. We value your time so there is no need to download an app.

Take a picture camera

Take a picture

The door hinge is broken? Simply grab a picture and the operational team will know exactly what to do!

Descripe the problem

Describe the problem

You want to be more specific? Add some descriptive text to provide even more context.

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manage problems

Supercharge your operational team

Is your operational team still working with sloppy excel files or sticky to-do notes?
Let's end this nightmare with FixForm and get the operational team mobile with the app!

Dashboard of incoming problems
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Centrally manage & dispatch all problems
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Easily prioritize and manage your tasks
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Collaborate with your colleagues
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Data-driven suggestions
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With all the benefits you need

Problems are often not detected, reported or fixed.
Let's solve this!

Descripe the problem

Lower the barrier to report problems within your organisation.


Get rid of those sloppy excel files or written to-do notes.

collaborate with the operational team

Allow collaboration and best practise sharing.

feedback loop

Provide feedback to the messenger of the problem about the status.

Facility Manager

Facility Manager acceleration

Work picture driven to increase productivity

Centrally manage and dispatch all problems

Plan and schedule preventive maintenance

Get a historical track record of all issues

Measure the performance of your team

Notification new problemHappy technician

Service Provider

Arrow acceleration
Allow everybody to report problems
Provide automated feedback to your customers
Avoid frustrations and increase customer satisfaction
Track recurring problems and solve them preventively
Technician service providerHappy service provider

Property Manager

Property manager acceleration
Allow tenants to easily report problems
Centrally manage & dispatch all problems
Provide automated feedback
Get a historical track record of all problems
Increase the tenant satisfaction
Technician property managerHappy property manager

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