Building Maintenance App

Building Maintenance App

Fixform offers a building maintenance app with various purposes. One thing is certain when using Fixform: management, communication and maintenance all come together in one software. The problem syou now experience with defects in buildings that you rent out or manage are a thing of the past. The user-friendly app ensures that problems are reported and dealt with in no time.

How does building management software work?

Building management software makes it possible to have everyone - for instance tenants or visitors - report a problem within the building, get an overview of defects and keep track of which defectshave been solved or not. The main purpose of the app is to make the defects clear and get an overview of the issues. Without an app, problems will remain for a long time and it is possible that the problems will cause dangerous situations in the long run. To prevent this, you can use the app Fixform.

Main features tofacilitate building management

A bit of software can help make your job as facility manager a lot easier. The building maintenance app is made for workers in the field, as workers in the office. The main features of the building management app are that problems are earlier detected, reported and solved. Book a demo to experience the main features of the app and realize that you can't work without it

FixForm is free building maintenance software for all your occupants, so you lower all barriers they may experience when they need to report problems. This way, you ensure the best experience for all your occupants and help your team with keeping your buildings in prime condition!

Why choose Fixform as a building maintenance app?

Fixform is easy to use and because of this, you will notice that more problems are reported than before. This is because it is made easier for users to report problems. The app allows the user to take a picture and add a short description. The photo and short description ensure that you immediately know where the problem is and how serious it is. Besides, it can be used in various industries, such as sports facility software and student residences.With Fixform you get all the insights a facility manager needs. Get in touch or try our building maintenance app for free!

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