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Are you looking for a property management app for your buildings? FixForm is thé best app for rental property management. We connect you with the occupants of your building to lower the barrier of problem reporting. This is done through our highly user-friendly app to collect and manage problems with your buildings. Connect with all your occupants through a central platform and manage all building problems quickly and efficiently. This way, you ensure the best condition of your building and appreciation of all occupants, for whom this is a free property management app! The best service you offer by providing FixForm to manage your properties.

A building that needs property management

How to use FixForm for property management

The main advantage of working with FixForm is its ease of use for all problem reports and the people in your problem management team.

Using FixForm is simple and straightforward:
- Your occupants do not need to download the app. By simply scanning the QR code and taking a picture of the problem, they can report problems in no time
- Use the real-time dashboard to gain insight in all the problems your occupants currently encounter with the building and its facilities
- Through the app, you can then dispatch members of your team to fix the problem in no time
- Use the messenger function to provide the reporter of the problem with feedback about the status.

But this is not all FixForm has to offer! Make sure to take our free tour to learn all the ins and outs of the property management app.

Tour through our building maintenance app

The best way to ensure your occupants experience no barriers with reporting problems, is by ensuring it does not cost them anything. This is why we offer FixForm for free to all your occupants. On top of that, we are transparent on all our pricing, making sure you are not left with any surprises. Using FixForm allows you to take big steps in enhancing the experience of all your occupants and streamlining your team’s problem management.

Do not hesitate to contact us about any questions you may have about the services we offer and the possibilities you get when using FixForm as your property management app!

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