Building maintenance

With the right building maintenance app, you can keep your building or space in good condition; FixForm is the platform for this. Easily report, manage and fix occurring building problems with FixForm, thé building maintenance tracker app to ensure your building’s prime condition. With FixForm, you create a collaboration of all people using the building and its facilities in a platform that allows maintenance to centrally manage all tasks and problems. It is the best app for building maintenance record keeping!

Workers maintaining a building and cleaning

The platform for building maintenance

A concise dashboard with real-time updates to manage all problems that arise in your building, doesn’t that sound ideal? FixForm is a building maintenance app that allows you to easily collect all problems that occupants encounter. Smart building maintenance becomes possible with FixForm as a platform for all your occupants.

What we offer as building maintenance provider app:
- Report option for all problems occupants of the building encounter
- A dashboard to centrally review and manage all building problems
- Collaborate with colleagues through the communication functions
- Easily contact the reporter of the problem with feedback about the status

Contact us to learn more about all the benefits of our commercial building maintenance app for facility managers, service providers and property managers!

Tour through our building maintenance app

Do you want to learn more about how FixForm operates and how you can reap the benefits of smart building maintenance? Take a free tour of our building maintenance app where we will show you how FixForm can help you keep your buildings in a good, safe and clean condition. Do not hesitate to contact us either with any question you may have about our platform and services!

Free building maintenance for all occupants

We offer different bundles for your building maintenance, all with transparent pricing! Our modest pricing is based on the amount of people in your operational team. FixForm is a free building maintenance app for all your occupants! Explore our starter, professional and premium packaging to find out what fits your building maintenance best. Feel free to contact us for more information about our packages or to ask us any questions about FixForm as your building maintenance app.

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